Going Green at 12 MPH

The College’ Facilities & Maintenance team owns a number of golf cart-style vehicles that take them from job to job across campus.  But we’re happy to report that these gas guzzlers (the carts, that is) will be going the way of all things internal combustion, to be replaced by pedal-powered trikes and electric scooters.

Ron Tola runs the department.  Today, we caught him joyriding — ahem, testing — outside Founders Hall: 

Ron Tola

That’s one of the gas powered carts in the background.  The scooter costs $800, charges up in 3 hours and typically goes for 2 days on a charge given normal use.  This model isn’t street legal; another version, more high-powered and fully crash-tested, will be good to go on the open road (in the way the golf carts are not, as a group of alums discovered at reunion when Lower Merion’s finest intercepted them en route to the Ardmore Wawa during a midnight hoagie run).