Hillary Clinton Comes To Campus

After the appearance, Chelsea came outside to say hello.

The view from the green:

Chelsea, Hillary and a guest arrive in the Great Hall via the East Asian Studies wing.

The backstory: Hillary’s turn. It’ll be a small (~250 people) gathering inside Founders Great Hall — and with Chelsea and, it is rumored, Dorothy Rodham in tow, the appearance is being promoted by the campaign as a special “women’s event”. I will leave the insightful questions to our bright student attendees; personally, I would like to ask Mrs. Rodham what it was like to meet Mick & Keith, as documented in that new Scorsese film about The Rolling Stones.The same K-9 crew from Obama day has returned for the “sweep” of the building during which everyone had to evacuate:

Big screen TV will pipe the proceedings out to the Green:

Excitement: One of the dogs apparently freaked out at a smell emanating from a TV/video cabinet located in a basement classroom…so out went the cabinet:

…meanwhile, the crowd lines up outside the building:

Metal detection upon entry; a glacially polite security official has asked me not to photograph the process. Sorry. Here’s the view from inside: