In Memoriam: Joe Schwartz '83

A life of courage and triumph over adversity came to an end all too soon this Sunday when Joe Schwartz ’83 passed away.
Joe had been a star cross-country and track athlete and a history major at Haverford and later graduated from law school. At the age of 33 Joe began to suffer from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
Though almost completely paralyzed for many years, Joe not only kept up a lively and cheerful stream of messages to Haverfordians and other friends, but attended Haverford meets and championships and other events in his wheelchair.
Plans have been underway for a long time for the First Annual Joe Schwartz 3K Run/Walk, now to be held in memory of Joe on April 20, 2008. See the Athletic web page for details.
Joe is survived by a son, a high school student and runner.
The College would like to hear more stories about Joe and the impact he had on the many people
whose lives he touched. Please send any information or reminiscences you would like to see made available about this remarkable Haverfordian to
–Greg Kannerstein ’63