Lloyd Lights II

Students sometimes say Haverford doesn’t have enough traditions. The reappearance of the lovely lights which lined the entryways to Lloyd Hall this holiday season were brilliant testimony to quick Haverfordian action to save one tradition.
Current memories suggest that the tradition of Lloyd holiday lights goes back 5-6 years (happy to learn more from alums). “Dorm reps” were responsible for picking up a small annual subvention from Students’ Council and organizing each year’s lighting efforts.
But dorm reps disappeared this year due to SC reorganizaton.
Fortunately, some students acted fast to be sure the tradition didn’t lapse. Judging took place Dec. 16 with Dining Service Director John Francone, Director of Student
Activities Jason McGraw, Students’ Council co-president Meghan McAllister ’10 and other current students rating the entries.
Top honors went to Lloyd 11-12, whose residents are Dennis Norris, Sonia Williams, Shashi Neerukonda, James Meagher, Nikhil Dhingra, Anna Krieger, Emily Green, Julianne
Eubank, Bethany Morrow, Allyson Abrams, Tovah Tripp and Rachel Jacobson, all ’08.
Third Entry* took second prize, perhaps because of the innovative rotating head of our red-nosed friend Rudolph. Eighth Entry won the bronze medal.
Hearty congratulations to all the students who made Lloyd Green a winter wonderland at a stressful time.
If anyone woders what happens to all the bulbs, Jason McGraw can tell you. They fill up his office! He’s be very happy to donate shares of the bulbs to anyone needing them. Contact Jason at jmcgraw@haverford.edu
*–A note on nomenclature: we’re told that these days students call the entries “Tens,” “Twenties” “Thirties,” and so on. Not too long ago, it was “First Entry,” “Second,” “Third,” etc. (And there was a mythic but not mythical “Tenth Entry” up the road for students needing good burgers and liquid refreshment.) Did any one ever call
the entries “Morris,” “Stokes,” “Strawbridge,” “Logan” or any of those good Quaker names till painted over each doorway?
–Greg Kannerstein ’63