We Begin

Like a couple of media Goldilocks searching for a communication vehicle that’s Just Right, Dean Greg Kannerstein ’63 and I hope this blog will be a running account of life on campus as we and others here know it. Breezy. Chatty. Sometimes useful. Present tense fordness leavened with references to times and people past.

Wx today: wispy clear & chilly.

News today: biology’s Andrea Morris profiled in a spinoff from Science…squares from the AIDS quilt to be exhibited tonight in the Field House (here’s video coverage)…date set (Dec 6 @ 9p in Stokes) for frosh filmmaker David Burstein to screen his documentary “18 in 08”.

Intriguing idea: alum proposes an iTunes aggregation point for music created by fords past and present; “HC” as record label or at least organizational label. I’d gladly pay to hear a rewind of Judy’s Tiny Head or the latest from Rick (fka “Rich”) Pressler ’81. To what degree might those $.99 downloads be a fundraiser for the College? Or is it enough to have the College associated with all that talent?

Now off to the Athletic Center to shoot standup greetings & goodbye for a video tour of the facility, starring Emily Hinchcliff and Andrew Kim.