Customs Introduces 357 New Fords to Campus Life

After moving into their dorms on Aug. 29, the Class of 2022 began their first year at Haverford with the College’s traditional five-day orientation program.

Sure, international students and some student-athletes arrived on campus ahead of this year’s Aug. 29 Move-In Day, but that was still the day when the first-years were finally all gathered at Haverford to begin their college careers as members of the Class of 2022. It was a particularly hot and humid start for these newest Fords, but thanks to the welcoming spirit and helpful hands of the Customs teams members who helped the first-years move into their residence halls (and carry all those mini-fridges and duffel bags up all those stairs), Move-In Day was a success. (The College’s unofficial mascot, the Black Squirrel, even got in on the action and helped to haul a few boxes for our newest campus denizens.)

After saying goodbye to their families and getting settled in their dorms, the Class of 2022 embarked on Customs, Haverford’s unique first-year experience program. (In fact, Customs might be Haverford College’s oldest tradition; since the mid-1800s, upperclass students have been welcoming their newest classmates to campus by teaching them the “customs” of the College.) Customs lasts all year long, as roughly 200 upperclass students support the first-years in their transition from high school to college life. But it begins with a five-day orientation program ahead of the start of classes.

In addition to all the tours, information sessions, and discussions designed to acquaint the new students with the College’s policies and resources, the orientation schedule has lots of fun built in, from a SupaFun dance, to a comedy and hypnotist performance, to a movie screening on Founders Green (by popular vote, the class chose The Princess Bride), to the beloved tradition of Dorm Olympics.

That annual demonstration of residence hall pride (and unusual student abilities) pits the green-clad Gummere dwellers against the blue-attired inhabitants of Barclay and the red-dressed residents of South Campus (including HCA and Tritton). This year, Barclay was victorious, but, really, when you get to learn which of your classmates can play the recorder with her nose and which can ride a unicycle, everyone wins.

Here’s a brief look at how Haverford’s newest students spent their busy first few days on campus.

(More on the Class of 2022 after the gallery.)

The 357 scholars, athletes, activists, competitors, and creators who make up the Class of 2022 represent the largest and most selective class in the College’s history. Its members hail from 37 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and 24 countries (from Albania to Zimbabwe). 47 percent identify as a person of color, 26 percent come from a family where one or both parents did not attend college, and 31 percent speak a language other than English at home.

We look forward watching all of the members of the Class of 2022 make their mark on the College and beyond. Welcome to Haverford!


Photos by Patrick Montero, Dex Coen Gilbert ’21, and Victoria Merino ’20.